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Smart machine-tool and HSM process with Emma

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The SmartEMMA project is an ANR industry 4.0 project labeled under the EMC2. SmartEMMA focusses particularly on the aeronotic machining field. In such context, the workpieces are high added value parts. A spar of wing structure can be 12m long. They are machined during several hours from a raw block and require high material removal rates. Indeed, the volume of the final part can represent only 10% of the raw volume. Three case studies are adressed : Aluminium, Titanium and adaptive control study.

The SmartEMMA methodology will bring, in concurrent way, a set of innovative developments, classified in the following areas:

  • Modelling and management of HSM process data
  • Modelling and management of HSM knowledge
  • Research of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) by Knowledge Discovery in Database (KDD)
  • Decision making algorithms for online and offline issues

Work Plan

The project is composed of five main work packages as shown bellow :

Click on the name of the WP to display its description.