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Smart machine-tool and HSM process with Emma

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Mecachrome is a leader in mechanical industry, with a turnover of 335M€ and 2400 employees. It is involved in automotive (16%), aeronautic (81%), defense and energy (3%). Mecachrome is a supplier for large aeronautic companies such as Airbus, Safran, Dassault, Rolls-Royce, ... Mecachrome produces large parts for aeronautic structures (wings structure, fuselage structure, engine pylon structure and nacelle, landing gear bays, ...) and parts for aeronautic engines (fan case, compressor case, fan disk, dam, spinners, ...). Mecachrome is also a supplier for automotive engine for well-known companies like Renault, Porsche, AMG,... It provides engine for production vehicles and for motorsport (F1, LMP1 and GP2). Mecachrome innovates permanently in manufacturing and is experienced in collaborative research projects (PSPC Dry to Fly, FUI QuaUsi) in its R&D department which includes about 12 people. Mecachrome is stakeholder of the project as end-user. The works will be conducted mainly in the facilities of St Aignan de Grand Lieux (44), and to a lesser extent in Amboise (37), Sablé sur Sarthe (72). Mecachrome will formalize industrial requirements for the automatic analysis of machining process database, the definition of the outputs in relation to the company departments, they will provide real industrial process data (which is fundamental for the project) and cases of study for the validation of the developed solutions. Mecachrome will interact closely with the 2 research teams to realize a monitoring system as close as possible of the constraints of a modern machine shop.

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