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Smart machine-tool and HSM process with Emma

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Europe Technologies Group is a mid-size private company employing 330 people for 53M€ turnover in 2015. The business is spread on many sectors as: Aeronautic (41%), Naval and Defence (20%), Energy (20%), Automotive (10%) and the rest over Food, Medical and Heavy industries. The group is composed of 8 subsidiaries organized under 3 business Units: Technological BU, Mechanical BU and the Composite BU. These companies are involved in many activities from Research via Engineering process development, process qualification, toolings and machines manufacturing up to after sale services. All this activities are done on core process developed and patented over the years as: Ultrasonic surface treatment by impact (shot and needle peening, hammering, peenforming called STRESSONIC®), Thermoplastic and Composite Thermoplastic welding (laser, Infrared, hot gas, ultrasonic,...), Robotized milling, sanding and drilling, Composite parts industrialization, High added value composite and metallic part/tooling/machine manufacturing and has an service activities in LNG gas tank installation and repair, The group also owns 2 laboratories: one for metallic part characterizations and a second on composite part testing and characterization. The group is involved in many internal or collaborative Research programs with national and international academic or private partners, some as project leader. It has supervised 8 doctoral students and filed fifteen patents. The group dedicates each year more than 10% of its turnover to fund these activities.
The subsidiary AIC implements and commercializes the EmmaTools monitoring solution that is connected to machine-tool CNC. Under the SmartEMMA project, Europe Technologies will be in charge of the implementation of the new solutions proposed for data management and the industrial validations of KDD. Their industrial test machine-tool is also useful for the development phases, notably concerning the real-time adaptive solution. They are in charge of the dissemination of the proposed solutions.

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